Sweet home Chicago

The photo was shot from the observation deck on top of Hancock building. Unfortunately I was not allowed to bring my tripod in so I had to place the camera on the floor and aim it almost laying on the floor as well. Still the mirror closing caused a movement on camera and that is why from more then 10 shots only 2 were more or less interesting. Another disadvantage was the dirty glass of observatory that can be seen on the sky part of the shot.

An island in the sky

Having decided to make a shortcut on our way from death Valley to Sequoia National Park we made a huge mistake. The road meandered in the mountains, speed limits were 40-50 mph and finally we drove in the fog. The road was barely seen and we forced to drive at 5 mph. Having passed the fog we found out that the fog was the low layer of clouds and we were  rewarded with a spectacular sunset. Unfortunately meantime we lost all the time and give up to go to Mono Lake as it have had been planned.